My Ability To Create

When I was a sophomore in college, I decided I wanted to practice Chinese Medicine and become a licensed acupuncturist. My uncle influenced this decision greatly. He not only encouraged me all my life to go into medicine, he also found the graduate school I would later attend. Located in the same town as my college. It was kismet.

For many years I wondered why I had chosen Chinese Medicine. Was it because of my heritage? My family tradition? My calling? At the time I obtained my license in 2000 I concluded I had chosen Chinese Medicine because it was easy.

Chinese Medicine was easy for me.  I was already living the principles of the medicine. I had grown up within its culture. I made lifestyle choices as a young adult which reflected the values and teachings of Chinese Medicine. When I was in training to become an acupuncturist, the teachings made sense to me. Even the language made sense to me.

As I witnessed my best friend graduate from med school and obtain gainful employment as a physician, I started pondering another question. Why hadn't I chosen Western Medicine? In addition to the three Ps (power, privilege and prestige), there were lots of reasons which made Western Medicine attractive. It's widely accepted. It's research based. It's covered by insurance.

I arrived at my answer yesterday.

The question isn't why did I not choose Western Medicine?  The question is the same as the one I asked myself 20 years ago. Precisely why did I choose Chinese Medicine? Why an acupuncturist? The answer this time is different.

I now know I chose Chinese Medicine because it is powerful, has a history of over 2000 years in practice, and is ever evolving in our modern world. Being an acupuncturist has allowed me to heal myself and to achieve a greater state of wellness. As a mother I model health and wellness for my children. Their desire and ability to live a healthy life is my first priority.

The practice of Chinese Medicine gives me the ability to create in my life. I strive to create a sense of hope in the people who come to me for help.  I am able to empower patients to take charge of their health and healing process. As an acupuncturist I create a sense of safety and support in which to receive those who select me as their health partner.  I chose to be an acupuncturist because this profession allows me to be the same person inside my office as I am in my community.  It has allowed me to discover my true self.

Along the way I have practiced kindness and compassion. These are what make the world go around.

Life's path has a way of revealing itself over time. And now it's time to reveal my first tip for pain free living.

Keep moving your body! Our bodies are built for movement.

If you are having pain, do what is easy and feels good to you. This could be an hour leisurely walk, or stretching your limbs for 5 minutes on your bed before waking up in the morning. Your dog does it before he gets up! You could also opt to dance in your living room for 20 minutes. I know you have a secret playlist just for this occasion.

What are other ways you can move your body that creates comfort for you?

Popular culture values very yang type exercises like HIIT and boot camp. Not everyone is in a place to participate at this level. It's not an all or nothing. Your way of movement still counts.

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